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ERPByNet Solution

ERPbyNet is a web-based ERP solution that includes CRM, SCM, Project Management, Production, Service, and Finance and Accounting applications. ERPbyNe is a tightly integrated solution leaving out zero chances of repetitive data entry. Being Web-based ERPbyNet is available anywhere and anytime.

ERPbyNet is a web-based ERP solution designed for engineering Industries and it:

  • Automates back office processes
  • Offers BI for efficient business decisions
  • Offers Safe and secure data processing
  • Does complex engineering calculations in a jiffy
  • Is designed by Industry experts with vast domain knowledge

ERPbyNet is for you:

  • If you have a manufacturing set up that has complex network of different processes and systems
  • If your business has complex engineering rules and calculations
  • If you want to automate repetitive processes
  • If you want control over crucial business decisions
  • If you want to serve your customers faster and better


SalesPundit is a solution used to automate, enhance, optimize and manage the sales process along with customer relationship management in Web environment. SalesPundit provides useful analytics like success ratios, sales and performance statistics to sales persons and managers.

SalesPundit offers

  • Automated and streamlined sales process
  • Result oriented sales force with no back office dependency
  • Sales team activities
  • Customer portfolio and relationship management (CRM)
  • Estimating the project pricing using RuleGenie
  • Dashboard and performance analysis
  • Billing plan
  • Generating template based documents e.g. proposals, letters, tender documents
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  • A powerful product configurator
  • Define technical rules and calculations with cost, price and make them available to sales force in a transparent and seamless manner

New Sales

  • Generate estimaters, offer/proposal documents
  • Generate BOM based on specs entered by sales force
  • Support for change/ variation order
  • Support for template based automatic drawing generation


  • Cart facility for part configurator
  • Labour and material cost calculation at part level
  • Quantity calculation based on landings

Service Sales

  • Configurable service estimation with age, type and usage of lift
  • Unit and contract history
  • Recovery from competitors


AceSiteManager is the project/site implementation suite in ERPbyNet. Project releasing and installation is managed in AceSiteManager.

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AceSiteManager offers:

  • Managing project schedule with forward / backward scheduling support
  • Tracking project expenses with budget control
  • Tracking project activities
  • Maintaining site employee time sheets
  • Support for ad-hoc project purchases and billing


Material requirement planning helps optimising inventory levels and cash flow. AceMRP module helps in managing safety stock and future stock, supporting satisfy dependent requirements, manage time phasing on the basis of requirement period and the lead time for each part item. It has a powerful backend “MRP Process” to match the demand and supply of part items and generates the transactions as per procurement type defined

AceMRP offers:

  • Engineering:
  • Part items and their classifications
  • Design BOM and routing
  • Equipment BOM
  • Engineering Change Notification (ECN) for all entities
  • Planning:
  • MRP process builds the requisition matrix for demand with quantity and required on date
  • Evaluation of requisition matrix against stock availability and inward transactions to get the open demand
  • Based on open demand, system explodes make items to child level and generates proposal for dependent items
  • Generates planned order for make items and purchase requisition for bought out items.
  • User can release PR/PL manually
  • Purchase:
  • Vendor quotation and vendor selection
  • Releasing PR into PO to selected vendor

  • Manufacturing:
  • Sales order processing to release raw materials
  • Manufacturing the finished good via eProduction
  • Warehouse and Logistics:
  • Receipt of goods from supplier or in-house manufacturing
  • QC of received materials
  • Accept or reject materials to close GRN
  • Non-confirmatory and its root cause analysis if rejected
  • Return to vendor the rejected materials
  • Logistic and shipment or stock transfer as per BOM
  • Inventory Management:
  • System internally maintains stock level at each transaction
  • Real time stock status can be checked at part item, project and warehouse level
  • Stock check and physical stock update feature
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eProduction module automates various processes related to manufacturing such as work center management, scheduling, labour hours and cost calculation, etc.

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eProduction offers:

  • Routing: Work center selection i.e. machine selection
  • Labour hours calculation
  • Posting of MO to deliver GRN of manufactured part items to respective warehouse
  • Final posting of GRN with closing of MO and shipping of part items to the site for installation
  • Highly visible production process
  • Design BOM and routing
  • Visible shipping of completed part items
  • Accurate labour and machine hours calculation


AceService module automates, enhances, optimizes and manages customer service in web environment.

AceService offers:

  • Equipment/ Building:
  • Maintains building info and equipment history
  • Maintains building location by latitude and longitude
  • Contract Management:
  • Payment schedule
  • Regular maintenance schedule
  • Testing plan
  • Billing
  • Prior notification for expiring contracts
  • Repair Jobs:
  • Parts replacement support
  • Warranty management
  • Generate labour and material billing

  • Audit Module:
  • Configurable questionnaires
  • Warranty management
  • Equipment rating & recommendations
  • AceMobile:
  • Call registration to call closing process
  • Flexible and hierarchical assignment of technicians for peak and slack hours
  • Auto-routing for ticket assignment
  • SMS notifications for ticket assignment and reminders to technicians
  • Real time call process updates
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AceFinance is a complete package of all the finance functions that gather financial data and generate relevant information.

AceFinance offers:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Automatic forex loss or gain JV after foreign transactions
  • Contra adjustment for interlinked customers/ vendors against invoices or payments/ receipts
  • Month close revaluation for customers, vendors and banks
  • Statutory reports:
  • Trial balance
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Tax registers
  • Fixed asset register summary and detail
  • TDS reports for customers and vendors
  • Accounts Receivable (AR):
  • Basic AR transactions
  • Major MIS reports:
  • AR ageing
  • Customer balance, debtors summary and detail
  • Accounts Payable (AP):
  • Basic AP transactions
  • Support for interbank transaction
  • Major MIS reports:
  • AR ageing
  • Vendor balance, creditors summary and detail

  • General Ledger:
  • Configuration of chart of accounts, accounting events, currencies with forex rates
  • Budgeting at cost center, accounts head
  • Recurring run processing
  • Cost allocation
  • GL enquiry and drill down
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Assets Management:
  • Assets purchase (Asset WIP) and put to use process
  • Assets transfer and tracking
  • Assets retirement
  • Month close depreciation projection and automatic JVs
  • Major reports:
  • Asset acquisition
  • Asset budget control
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