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Key Features

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ERPbyNet is a feature rich application. Some of the key features of ERPbyNet are listed below,

Customer Relationship Management

Automation: ERPbyNet automates various processes and provides an integrated way of managing them across different departments.

Product Configurator, Document and Drawing Generator

Powerful rule engine for engineering configuration of products, estimation and automatic BOM generation.
Support for template based document generation.
Generate complex drawings based on templates and rules.

Managing Schedules and Budgets

Project scheduling – Backward as well as forward scheduling available.
Tracking project budgets.


Support for scheduling of manufacturing/assembly lines.
Support for calculations of accurate and detailed material and labour costs.

MRP Process

Matches demand and supply of part items.
Generates PRs and PLs as per Good-Day-To-Order.
Processes thousands of Part Items per day.

Finance and accounting

Integration will all modules for seamless data entry, avoiding data redundancy.
Compliance to statutory requirements.
Automated real time JVs for cost loading by FIFO or weighted average method.day.
3-Way match for AP.
Cost attribution for errors in projects.
Powerful asset management.


Contract management and powerful billing support.
Regular maintenance schedule based on working days.
Auto-Routing for ticket assignments.
Call centre support, SMS Notification for ticket assignments and reminders.
Smartphone support for Service module.

Powerful and customizable workflow

Fully customizable workflow to match your business processes
Support for multiple authorization levels
Mechanisms for checking pre-conditions and taking automated actions at each step
Support for email notifications

MIS Reports

Inventory Ledger – summary and details.
Accrual cost reports.
Project and service cost-revenue analysis.
Support for user defined reports.

Internationalization and numbering systems

Multi-currency support.
Multi-lingual support.
Support for custom, flexible numbering system for various entities and documents.

Well secured application

Support for organization hierarchy with role-based security.
Audit trail available for crucial transactions.

ERPbyNet Architecture

ERPbyNet is developed on Microsoft platform. It uses robust and proven asp.net technology. Being a web-based application, no installation on user machines is required. Just browsers and Internet connection is good enough.

If you subscribe to SaaS model, a pre-configured ERPbyNet instance is made available to you and you don't need to invest in server hardware and software at your facility.

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