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Key Benefits

ERPbyNet offers host of benefits to any organization, be it small or large. Following are the key benefits of implementing ERPbyNet in your organization.

  • Automation: ERPbyNet automates various processes and provides an integrated way of managing them across different departments.
  • High availability: Being a web based application does not require installations on user machines and can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet.
  • Highly efficient: Integrated flow and data improves efficiency of users drastically reducing chances of errors.
  • Highly customizable: Processes and workflows can be adopted easily through configuration and support multiple levels of authorization and notifications.
  • Improved visibility: High visibility to information that is so crucial in high volume and long supply chain businesses.
  • Better CRM: Improved customer relations as a result of better business processes.
  • Better supply chain management: Optimized inventory, better demand forecasting, essentially improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive.
  • Process compliance: Use of ERPbyNet means using uniform, standardized processes in your organization. You can map your processes with our flexible workflow management tool.
  • Compliance with regulations: Support for India specific statutory requirements relating to taxation, pricing, excise, export and import.
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ERPByNet Return on Investment

We would like to ensure that the money spent on ERPbyNet is well worth it. ERPbyNet offers returns that you will love!
Here is a very conservative calculation of ROI on ERPbyNet:
(*Please note that this is a very generic calculation.)

Operations metrics improvement

Reduction in proposal submission man-hours by up to 50 %
Increase in revenue per sales executive by up to 15 %
Reduction in order fulfillment cycle time by up to 30 %
Increase in delivery adherence up to 95 %
Reduction in inventory across supply chain by up to 20 %

Cost savings (we assess these at the beginning of the project)

Reduction in proposal submission man-hours
Increase in revenue per sales executive
Reduction in inventory across supply chain

Revenue increase (we assess these at the beginning of the project)

Increase in revenue per sales executive
Increase in delivery adherence

Profit increase

Expect an increase in profit by up to 1 % or more of revenue depending on above mentioned calculations

Returns on your IT investments

Payback period of 18 months is expected based on total estimated IT investments

Reap the benefits of economies of scale if you have regional offices across the globe or different geographical spread within your country.